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Stephen King TV films, mini series and episodes - Find out which Stephen King film adaptations are a must see! - Rate the best Stephen King film adaptation!

Stephen King TV films, mini series and episodes

A list of TV movies, series, mini series and episodes of other series that are based on Stephen King’s novels, short stories or screenplay scripts:

TV movies

  • 1997 Trucks (TV Remake of Maximum Overdrive)
  • 2002 Carrie (TV movie remake)
  • 2003 The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer

TV series

  • 2002 The Dead Zone

TV Mini-series

  • 1990 It
  • 1991 Golden Years
  • 1994 The Stand
  • 1995 The Langoliers
  • 1997 The Shining
  • 1999 Storm of the Century
  • 2002 Rose Red
  • 2004 ‘Salem’s Lot
  • 2004 Kingdom Hospital

Episodes in other TV series based on Stephen King stories

  • 1985 Word Processor of the Gods (episode of “Tales from the Darkside”)
  • 1986 Gramma (episode of “The Twilight Zone”)
  • 1987 Sorry, Right Number (episode of “Tales from the Darkside”)
  • 1990 The Moving Finger (episode of Monsters)
  • 1993 Chinga (episode of “The X-files”)
  • 1995 The Revelations of Becka Paulson (episode of “The Outer Limits”)

Only available on video

  • 1985 Stephen King’s Nightshift Collection (consists of two short films: “The Woman in the Room” and “The Boogeyman”)
  • 1995 Stephen King’s Nightshift Collection (consists of three short films, only the first one is based on a Stephen King story: “Disciples of the Crow”)


  • 1997 Ghosts (music video with Michael Jackson)

Stephen King’s novels weren’t only the source material for great TV films and series, but also for thrilling movie adaptations. His short stories were also often used for great short films.